Monday, July 27, 2015

Here's Brea!

Brea came out of seclusion this morning and showed everyone that she can still run circles around Siri. That and she had to go to the bathroom.

Things I've Found While Walking the Dogs

I've put in hundreds and hundreds of miles walking dogs over the years, and from time to time I've found some interesting things, including knives, tools, toys, and money.  About three weeks ago we came across some exercise equipment that someone had put out for the trash.  There was an old weight bench with torn padding, an incline situp bench (in good condition) and a set of iron weights, pictured below.

Iron weights can rust but they don't wear out. I got my workout that day carrying these home.

I'd never heard of Hollywood Healthways.

York Barbell Company is famous.

Where's Brea?

Brea was sleeping on my bed - on fresh, clean sheets.  So Siri and I took an extra long walk and played on the ball field.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Finally, A Day Without Rain

It feels like we've had one of the rainiest summers on record - definitely the wettest I can remember - and the ball field has been too wet to use for the past few weeks.  Yesterday was mostly dry and the city cut the grass so we went out to play this morning.

After a short time playing with her rope toy Brea left it to Siri and just ran in circles around the field, apparently happy just to be there.  The outfield was still kind of soggy and there were puddles and weeds on the infield but it was good to be out there.