Saturday, January 24, 2015

Special Walk

It's about 3:00 in the morning and Siri and I just returned from a long walk.  About an hour ago she decided that I'd had enough sleep and it was time to go outside.  Brea stayed in bed.  I put Siri's harness with the blinky light on her and attached a twenty foot lead and we went out into the mixed rain and snow and started walking.

No nighttime photography tonight - Siri at Bee Tree Park near St. Louis in 2013.

Siri seemed so happy!  Moving a lot more freely than she can on a 6-foot leash, she ran circles around me and onto lawns to sniff things she normally can't reach, never pulling hard like she usually does on the short line.  I was able to keep up a pretty good pace.  Walking one dog this way is definitely easier than walking two.  It was a good walk for both of us.

By the way - when I made these pictures Siri weighed about seventy pounds.  Last week I took her in for her checkup and for some vaccinations and she now weighs 100 pounds.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Cold Morning

The temperature was 5 degrees this morning.  Brea let me put her booties on her, and her coat, without any problem, but Siri wasn't having any part of it.  Rather than waste any more time, I gave up - the booties that I bought last year look kind of small now anyway - and we started our walk.  From the very start Siri pulled and pranced and limped and was generally very difficult to handle.  How do you tell a dog, "I told you so"?  So our walk was very short.  Brea was calm the whole time.

By early this afternoon the temperature had risen into the low 20s, so we went out to the ballfield to run and play.  At one point I looked over and saw Neighbor Cat sitting on home plate, watching the dogs.

"Stop what you're doing and pay attention to me!"

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Muddy New Year

After several days of not enough activity, due to rain and my work schedule, it was time to play on the ball field and burn off some energy.  Both dogs ran and played until they could hardly run any more. They also wrestled and rolled in what turned out to be very wet grass.

Although it doesn't show, Brea had quite a lot of mud on her legs and belly.

Siri's coat was gritty with dirt and mud.
It wasn't the worst mess they've been, but they still needed a lot of cleaning up.  The dirt doesn't really show up in these pictures.