Sunday, July 23, 2017

Update on Siri

I've been neglecting this blog lately, posting more on Instagram because it's easier. I'm lazy that way.  Anyway, there have been numerous inquiries about Siri from people who don't have Instagram accounts, and to them I apologize.

Siri is doing well.  We do a lot of walking, always have, but I haven't turned her loose on the ball field with Brea the way I thought I would by now because of the heat.  It has been hot all summer, in the nineties for the past several days, and very humid, and not much cooler at night.  So that will have to wait.

About three and a half weeks postop, after she got her sutures out.

Siri's hair took a long time to start growing back. For awhile I was afraid it wasn't going to come back in.  In the past three or four weeks her hair started growing back with a vengeance.  She's shedding a lot and I'm finding hair everywhere in the house.  At least she doesn't look so odd any more.

These were taken today - neither dog is much for posing.
I took her to the monthly vaccination clinic today, and she weighed 101 lbs, down from about 113 lbs. before her surgery.  The doctor that did her surgery said he wanted to see her at about 90 lbs.  For a short time she may have been there but it didn't last long.  At that weight she acted hungry all the time and she looked pitiful - I guess it just isn't her natural weight, so I went back to feeding her like I was before. She seems satisfied with the amount and doesn't beg or act hungry.

For what it's worth, Brea weighs about 55 lbs., ten pounds more than when I first got her.  I feed both of them Fromm's Large Breed Adult dog food.  It was recommended by someone whose judgement I trust with these things.  I also give them raw beef and chicken quarters when I think to pick some up and when the price is good.  Brea loves raw beef liver and chicken liver and chicken hearts, but Siri won't touch them. 

Just so no one feels left out, here are a couple of pictures with Kitty:

On our walk this afternoon, Siri tried to jump up on Shelley Moore Capito, one of our United States Senators, who lives in this area and happened to be walking by our house.  No doubt Siri has an opinion about the Republicans' health care plan, since she has always been uninsured.  Actually, it happened because of a bottleneck that occurred when too many people, cars, and dogs arrived at the same location at the same time.

For anyone who's curious, my Instagram account is at mathieu883.