Monday, January 14, 2013

Two Puppies Need a Home

Recently, two puppies were dumped near the home of some friends who live on Frame Road in Elkview.  Due to conflicts with dogs already living in the area and the danger from the high speed traffic along that road, my friends decided that the best thing to do would be to take them to the Kanawha/Charleston Animal Shelter.

The dogs are small to medium sized and are good with people.  My friends called me about them,  knowing that I was a sucker not knowing that I had acquired Siri and couldn't take any more.

For what it's worth, most puppies abandoned in the country die pretty soon afterwards, from being hit by cars, from exposure or starvation, or killed by other dogs or coyotes.  Very small puppies and kittens can be killed by owls and hawks.  People who live in the country usually already have all the dogs and cats that they want or need.

So if anyone is interested, stop by the Kanawha/Charleston Animal Shelter at 1248 Greenbrier Street and check out these two puppies.

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