Thursday, April 25, 2013

Visiting St. Louis

Siri and I just returned from a short visit with my mom in St. Louis.  Brea stayed in WV, at Animal Care Associates.  Sorry Brea, maybe next time.  I thought that Brea might have been a little overwhelmed with all the people and traffic, and I wanted to be able to spend some one on one time with Siri.

Some mornings, we went to Bee Tree Park in south St. Louis County.  The park is located on the bluffs overlooking the Mississippi River, and has paths that run along the bluffs and inland around a small lake.

One morning we went to Cliff Cave Park, a few miles upstream from Bee Tree Park.  The park has several miles hiking and walking paths on the bottom land below the bluffs.  Unfortunately, on this visit, a lot of the paths were under water.

Siri decided that this would be a good place to dive into the water.

We did not go to the cave on this trip.

Cliff Cave in the 1890's.

Molly at Cliff Cave in 2011.  The cave has been closed to explorers since several people died in a flash flood in the cave a few years ago.

Siri also got to visit her first official dog park, at the city park in Arnold, Mo., the town where I grew up.  She was the only dog there that morning.  The dog park was clean but looked well used, with lots of toys and tennis balls.  The park is along the Meramec River, a tributary of the Mississippi, and had recently been closed due to flooding.  I wondered if people thought it was still closed.

 Even though she never fed her or gave her treats or took her to some really nice parks, Siri seemed to think that my mom was the most wonderful person she ever met.

 We came home Tuesday evening and found a new sign at the little league field:

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