Saturday, November 30, 2013

One Year Later

It's been almost a year - December 6 - since I brought Siri home.  Remember how little she was?

December 18, 2012


Today Siri weighs more than ninety pounds.

Brea is still reclusive, still spends more time alone, in my bedroom, than she does with Siri and Neighbor Cat and me, wherever we are in the house.  She's a lot less fearful outdoors, mainly, I think, thanks to Siri.  Siri's natural curiosity about everything has shown Brea that she doesn't need to be afraid of new objects that appear overnight, like trash cans.  And Brea really really likes to play with Siri on the ball field.  Except for the other day, when she found a lime green softball and decided she'd rather chew on that.  Today she's pooping out small lime green pieces of leather, or whatever that thing was made of.

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