Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Brea's New Favorite Spot

A couple weeks ago, I bought new cushions for the dogs' crates.  Almost every time I came home, I found that Siri had chewed a new hole in hers and there was loose stuffing covering the floor of her crate.  I would stuff it back in and cover the hole with duct tape and spray the cushion with Bitter Apple, but Siri would just start a new hole the next time she was in the crate.

A couple days ago, I pulled the cushion out of the crate and left it on the living room floor.  Since then, Brea has been spending more time downstairs, lying on the cushion, and a little less time alone upstairs.  Also, both dogs have been using the cushion as a base for games, wrestling and pushing each other off the cushion.  It's getting a lot of hard use.

Siri is chewing on a piece of deer antler.

The boxes on the couch are to keep the dogs off; they both seem to view the couch as a launching pad.

Top picture taken with Canon A620 PowerShot, bottom two with iPhone 4.

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