Friday, January 31, 2014

Sleeping Arrangements

Siri likes to sleep in the hall outside the bedroom, or at the place where the stairs turn, where she can keep an eye on both the upstairs and downstairs.  At night she's kind of a hazard, being black and hard to see in the dark.

Brea usually sleeps in her dog bed in my bedroom.  Sometimes she's at the foot of the bed, and sometimes she has dragged her bed into a corner, or under my bed, or next to the side of the bed.  Lately, though, she's been trying to sleep on my bed, when I'm not there.  I've surprised her several times, usually sleeping with her head on my pillow.

Siri soaking up a little sunlight.

Brea in her new favorite spot.
 As a compromise, and to try to minimze the amount of dog hair all over the bed, I put Brea's bed on my bed and encouraged her to sleep there.  So far, it's kind of working.  Over time, she tends to ooze over the side of her bed and onto mine, or over my legs.  I probably can't win this one.

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