Monday, May 9, 2016


I just returned from visiting family in Florida. The dogs stayed in the boarding kennel at Animal Care Associates in Charleston, their usual vacation place. The cat stayed home, in the house, and did not appear to miss me at all.

My brother's newest grandson, Jax.

His other grandson, Nathan.

The two dogs.

Channing the cat vs the alligator.

Channing making sure the alligator is gone.

Bill trying to repair the leak in the alligator's ear, where someone bit it.
I don't think the alligator will recover from its injuries.

Avengers spoiler alert: Captain America and the Hulk both end up in the bottom of a pool.

The following were taken at Six Mile Slough Cypress Preserve near Fort Myers


Water Moccasin

Striped mud turtle

Green Heron

Fort Myers Beach at sunset


My brother Bill, our mother, my sister Mary Beth

Tree frog waiting outside my brother's front door the morning I left.



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