Sunday, July 29, 2012

New Bling

Not surprisingly, this website has been inundated with requests for more news and more pictures of Brea.  Well, at least two people have asked if I'm going to post anything new any time soon.  So here it is.

And, no surprise, Brea is on the cutting edge of fashion.  She has a new collar from L.L. Bean with her name and phone number embroidered on it, and a tag from Road ID with her name and phone number, microchip number, and my email address laser-engraved on it.  Best of all, it's not one of those dangly dog tags that can get snagged on things.

Road ID also makes ID tags for runners and cyclists, including ankle and wrist bands and neck chain dog tags.  I got the dog tag type, to wear when I'm walking the dog when I don't carry my wallet or other identification - it has my emergency contact numbers and insurance information. I've also seen them on people with Alzheimers, put there by family members, in case their loved one wanders off.

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