Sunday, July 29, 2012

Return To Kanawha State Forest

Are we there yet?
This morning, we returned to Kanawha State Forest.  Originally, I'd hoped to explore the new Wallace Hartman Nature Preserve, but I couldn't see any really well-defined trails, and I decided to save that for another day, after I've had a chance to explore by myself, without having to worry about Brea, as well.

We started up the Overlook Rock Trail, but it was very muddy, and I didn't bring water along and wasn't wearing my hiking boots, so we turned back at the place where some trees came down a few weeks ago.  Everywhere we went, you could see fallen trees or the remains of fallen trees.

Don't leave without me!

Starting to like this place.
Brea was a lot more relaxed this time, more interested in sniffing around and exploring.  She had only one scary moment, again acting afraid of a trash can next to one of the picnic shelters.  I wish I knew what the deal was with those things.  At any rate, overall, we had a good time at the forest.

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