Friday, February 15, 2013

Brea's Rough Day

Poor Brea.  I tried to give her a little extra attention after I took Siri to the animal hospital to be spayed.  We tried to play on the ball field - no having to share with an annoying younger dog - but she got hit in the face once by a frisbee that went astray, and then she got hit again when she lunged for her rope toy as I was winding up to throw it.  After the second hit she headed for the exit, something she rarely does without being called.

With Siri gone, she returned to being her original, more reclusive self, watching me for awhile from the top of the stairs before retreating to her space next to my bed.  She didn't hang around with me downstairs.

Siri tolerated her surgery well, and spent most of the night sleeping in her crate.  Brea slept on a cushion on the floor nearby.

Just for the record, Siri weighed in at 40 pounds when she checked in for surgery.

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