Friday, February 24, 2017

Poor Siri!

Siri has a torn ACL and has to have surgery to repair it. Figuring out what was wrong took awhile because she got her rabies vaccination and some others on January 26. As expected, she was a little sore in both hips and was limping and moving kind of slowly for a few days. I took her back to the vet when it seemed to be taking longer than expected to ease up, and he wanted to give her a little more time before doing something more aggressive, since he couldn't find any bumps or lumps or obvious painful areas.

One side seemed to get better, but the right leg seemed to be worse, so I took her back to the doctor today, and he sedated her and took some x rays. He and two other doctors in the practice all agreed on what the pictures were showing.

She's moving pretty slowly and laying around a lot - it's obvious she doesn't feel well. I left a message with the Cross Lanes Veterinary Hospital, where they have a guy who was recommended for orthopedic surgery. I hope we can get this taken care of soon.

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