Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Siri's Back

We were referred to an orthopedic surgeon who informed me yesterday that Siri had suffered a CCL rupture in both legs (ACL in humans). It's possible that the injury to the left leg occurred after our visit to the first doctor. I left her with the people at Cross Lanes Veterinary Hospital yesterday morning, and she had the corrective surgery in the afternoon. I picked her up a couple hours ago, about 4:30 this afternoon.

Poor Siri!
The procedure that Dr. McNeel did is called TTA, tibial tuberosity advancement. Siri has new hardware and sutures in both legs. No running or playing on the ball field for at least the next several weeks, at least until the end of summer. Just nice, easy walks.

This is Siri's x-ray from Animal Care Associates, her primary care practice.  You can see on the left - which is actually her right leg - the patella, the kneecap - is displaced, not where it's supposed to be. That was the injury that brought us to the doctor in the first place and which got us the referral to the orthopedic surgeon. She also has some right hip dysplasia.

Both doctors told us that susceptibility to these kinds of injuries is often genetic, and not related to any activity or overexertion.

Both doctors also said that Siri needs to lose weight. That surprised me. Siri weighs about 112 pounds, or at least she did before these injuries, and she doesn't look overweight to me. She's never been very food motivated the way Brea is, and she's always been very active. Anyway, Dr. McNeel wants to see her at about 85 pounds by the end of summer. I'm having trouble picturing her at that weight but I think we can do it.

That's all for now. Time for Siri's pain medication.

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