Sunday, December 2, 2012

GPS Tracking

Brea has a new GPS tracking system.  She tried to leave the house without permission once, shortly after she came to live here - I was able to grab her as she made a dash for freedom, and she hasn't tried since.  And one time, she accidentally slipped out of her collar. That was on the ball field, again, soon after she came to live here, and it took me awhile to get close enough to her to put the collar back on.

Since then, we've established some routines and walking routes, and Brea knows where home is.  Still, I worry a little about what if she got out without my knowing, or slipped her collar and got spooked and ran off.  She is still skittish around me, and she isn't friendly with strangers.

A few days ago, Mary T. sent me a text alerting me to a deal on Amazon for the Tagg pet tracking system.  The price was $69, about $20 less than what it goes for at Sam's Club, so I ordered it.

It comes with a device that attaches to Brea's collar, and a small base/charging station, and the price included three months free service.  You have to set up the account online at, and download the iPhone (or Android) app so you can get alerts if your pet leaves the designated home zone.  It seems to  work as advertised.

The Tagg Tracker is the gray and white thing attached to her collar.

Brea also has an implanted microchip and her collar has my phone number on it.  All this might seem a little like overkill, but if you've ever had a dog go missing you'll know how bad that feels.  Hopefully, I won't ever have to test this for real.

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