Thursday, December 20, 2012

Two Week Update

It's two weeks later and Siri has learned to go up and down the stairs, so Brea can no longer hide from her.

Brea can run but she can't hide!
Brea and Siri are learning to play together, as I had hoped, and it does take some of the pressure off of me to be their source of entertainment.

It can get very loud and dramatic, with lots of growling (Brea has an impressive, loud play growl, which she demonstrated for the first time since she's been with me), and running up and down the stairs and jumping over and on the furniture.  I'm especially glad they're playing together today, because it's raining outside - so no ball game.

The most notable thing that has happened was this: when we were walking this morning, we met Jerry, one of my neighbors.  Siri went right up to him to say hi - she'd never seen him before - and after a few seconds of watching, Brea walked up to him, too!  This was after trying her best to avoid any kind of contact with any of my neighbors since she came to live with me.  She has seen Jerry many times since last spring, and whenever I would stop to talk to him, she would be as far away from him as the leash would allow, clearly wanting to be someplace else.  

Making a properly exposed picture of a black dog can be challenging.

I sort of solved the problem of tripping over the little dog - I bought a cat collar with a little jingle bell on it, so I have a better idea of where she is.  It doesn't eliminate the problem completely, but it helps.

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