Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Escape Artist

Last night I had to go back to work.  I have a dog crate, a cage, but I wanted Brea to be able to move around a bit more without having access to the whole house on her first night alone.  So I put one of those baby gates across the doorway to the kitchen and stepped outside to see what Brea would do.  A few seconds after I closed the front door, she jumped over the gate.

I put her back in the kitchen, replaced the gate, and put one of those curtain tension rods across the doorway, above the gate.  Most of my other dogs respected those as boundaries and would not attempt to go over or under them.  Not Brea.  She jumped over it easily.

I put her back in the kitchen again, and put up two tension rods, creating a higher visual barricade.  She jumped again, knocking out the higher rod.  Clearly, she was not going to stay in the kitchen while I was gone.

I led her to the crate and she went in without a fuss and lay down, looking relaxed.  Apparently, she really is used to being in a crate.

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