Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Some Background

Here's some background information on Brea from Natalie, her previous owner:

Hey.  I was reading your blogs.  They are awesome!  I feel I made the right choice with you being her daddy.  

A little history on her.  Brea was bought from a breeder in Columbus OH and was in a litter of lots of pups and took her home at 8 weeks. Mom and dad were HUGE but she never gained weight and has always been small and girlie.  She is the first puppy that I know could hold her bladder for HOURS.  Thought she had a problem but the doctor said she had the biggest bladder she ever felt before in a pup. She has ALWAYS been skittish around anyone.  She was not around men at all.  She is very smart and you can really see her think.   The scar on her face is from a tumor that started out small when she was a pup and grew as she got older.   We had it removed and it was just a cyst.  Most of her care was done at cross lanes vet if you need any information.  I visited London yesterday and she misses her however I know I you are her daddy now.  Thank you!  

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