Monday, June 11, 2012

First Checkup

First checkup with the doctor today. Brea is basically healthy, up to date with all her vaccinations, and tested negative for heartworm. The staff at Animal Care Associates all remembered her, and she seemed to remember them, except for the doctor; when Dr. Tackett came into the exam room, Brea hid under the bench where I was sitting.

That led to a discussion of her anxiety problems, and now Brea is going to be taking Prozac, as well as Trifexis for heartworm prevention.

Today started out as one of Brea's better days. She came up to me and let me put on her leash with minimal hesitation, and seemed ready to go into the garage to get into the car, when I accidentally kicked a mousetrap. When the trap clicked shut and flipped into the air, Brea hit the floor like a bomb had gone off. No way she was going to go into the garage after that, so I had to go back into the house and get the keys to the truck, which was parked in front of the house.

Still, she does seem to be getting better, very, very slowly. She doesn't always run out of the room when I look at her or talk to her, and seems to be pacing in and out of rooms a little less.

One interesting thing that came out of today's exam - the doctor pointed out a scar on the right side of Brea's face that I had not noticed. You can see it in the picture, a short vertical line to the left of her mouth. Up close, you can see the marks where there were sutures. Click on the picture for a bigger view. Brea's not talking about it.

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