Friday, June 22, 2012

KSF, and a practice road trip

This morning, for the first time, Brea came downstairs to me when I called.

KSF - Kanawha State Forest - I saw that on one of those white oval car stickers.

Anyway, we went there this morning.  It took us about forty minutes to walk six tenths of a mile. Brea still seems deathly afraid of trash cans. And large boulders and park benches and single trees standing alone, but not forest-size groups of trees. I don't think she really enjoyed the walk. She picked up the pace when we got back in sight of the car.

I was hungry and wanted some coffee after that, so we went to Burger King. They didn't have chicken nuggets - too early - so I got Brea some hash rounds. She ate three and I ate the rest. She seems like a  pretty good (short distance) traveller. I hope I can take her to St. Louis sometime, but probably not this summer.

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